The 2016 Manufacturers’ Monthly Endeavour Awards honored Geofabrics Australasia as Manufacturer of the Year during a May 12 ceremony in Sydney. Geofabrics was recognized for its production of Trinet® and Flownet® geonet geocomposite drainage systems.

The manufacturing award was given in the Industrial Product category.

Flownet® is a lightweight drainage net used for landfill caps, tunnels, retaining wall, and bridge abutment applications. As a cost-saving alternative to granular drainage layers, it protects structures against high water pressure. It is engineered for particularly strong performance in vertical and steep slope drainage systems.

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Trinet® geonet is a lightweight triple layer drainage mesh used in landfills and waste containment structures. It is designed to roll out easily over a large surface area, providing quick and efficient installation. It is also engineered for high-load leachate drainage performance.

In a statement on the award, the company noted: “The award recognises Geofabrics’ journey to develop a locally produced laminated geonet geocomposite drainage system for our clients in the waste and resources sectors. This award also demonstrates the end-to-end success of our business—linking our skills in manufacturing to our relentless emphasis on technical excellence.”

Geofabrics Earns Australian Manufacturer of the Year Award

Other companies shortlisted for the Industrial Product category included A Plus Plastics & Tooling, Coolsan Australia, Cut To Size Plastics, MineARC Systems, Boucher & Boucher, Australian Blasting Specialists, Modular Wall Systems, and Chipstar.

In addition to the Industrial Product category honor, the Geofabrics Australasia was also shortlisted in the Environmental Solutions category.

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