Geosynthetic Institute Fellowships
Lei Xu of Columbia University Lei Xu examines his centrifuge model. He is one of 12 recipients of the 2015 – 2016 GSI Fellowships. Photo: Columbia University.

Geosynthetic Institute
The Geosynthetic Institute (GSI) has a long and successful record of promoting geosynthetics research in university engineering programs through is GSI Fellowship Awards program. The 2015 – 2016 Fellowship Awards further extended the reach of eligible candidates, opening for the first time to Master’s Degree students too instead of only doctoral candidates.
The outreach was a huge success, broadening the range and number of proposals. A record 21 new proposals were received and 12 recipients were awarded USD $5000 each to begin or continue their research. (GSI allows for renewals on some projects.)
The winners of the 2015 – 2016 Fellowships, as announced by GSI and the GSI Board of Directors, are:

  • Melissa Beauragard, University of Colorado
    • “Protocol for Selecting Wall Facing for GS Reinforced Structures.”
    • Advisor: Jonathan Wu
  • Karl James Bester, University of Cape Town
    • “Test Methods for GT Filters used in Waterway Engineering .”
    • Advisor: Kelvin Legge
  • Marton Bredacs, Montan University
    • “Aging Mechanisms and Life Time Assessment of PE Tunnel Liner.”
    • Advisor: Gerald Pinter
  • Angel Gutierrez, Arizona State University
    • “Evaluation of GM Seam Strain Concentration Factors.”
    • Advisor: Edward Kavazanjian
  • Muji Huang, NPUST
    • “RECP Soil Protection Properties due to Variables in Channel Flow.”
    • Advisor: Wayne Hsieh
  • Grace Huang, Virginia Tech
    • “GS Contribution to Stability of Column-Supported Embankments.”
    • Advisor: George Filz
  • Sadra Javadi, University of Louisville
    • “Advection and Sorption of Organic Containment in GCL with Organobentonite.”
    • Advisor: Qian Zhao
  • Yan Jiang, University of Kansas
    • “Evaluating Performance of Hybrid GRE Walls.”
    • Advisor: Jie Han
  • Zeru Kiffle, Syracuse University
    • “Finite Element Model of GT Tubes Stacking in Dewatering Projects.”
    • Advisor: Shobha Bhatia
  • Roland Sievering, RWTH Aachen University
    • “Interaction Modeling in Finite Element Simulation of GG Reinforced Soil.”
    • Advisor: Martin Ziegler
  • Lei Xu, Columbia University
    • “Centrifuge modeling of wire mesh facing GS reinforced Soil Retaining Wall.”
    • Advisor: Hoe Ling
  • Shahin Ghazi Zadeh, Colorado State
    • “Evaluation of Long-Term Internal Shear of GCLs in Mining Applications.”
    • Advisor: Chris Bareither

The Geosynthetic Institute invites inquiries on the GSI Fellowship Awards program. Contact Jamie Koerner, Visit