Geosynthetica BrazilFifteen years ago, Geosynthetica launched and became the first online publication dedicated to geosynthetics. Today, the English-language site has more than 800,000 annual users around the world. To better serve one of the fastest growing segments of readers and one of the most dynamic geosynthetics markets, a new Portuguese-language site, dedicated to the Brazilian market, has emerged:
The new site, published from Brazil, will host original and translated articles, international news, and event updates and opportunities. Contributions from the field are welcomed, and special-position advertising (opening August 2014) is available.
Bruno Pedroni, who is a veteran of publishing and association roles in Brazil and has routinely interacted within the country’s geosynthetics field, is the editor of He may be contacted at
Additional technical support within the Brazilian industry has also been arranged.
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Geosynthetica’s readership has quadrupled in less than a decade. While Europe, Asia, and Australia has grown to represent close to 50% of the site’s audience, growth in South America has been slowed by a combination of the language barrier and, importantly, market barriers, such as import/export tariffs.
Brazil exemplifies this case. The country is South America’s largest economy, and it has served as a hub of geosynthetics activity and development. Mining, transportation, waste management, energy, and water resources developments have utilized a wide array of geosynthetics, but the interaction between the geosynthetics field and general engineering and construction and Brazil is not, as yet, on as great a scale as in other parts of the world.
Through a Brazil-based editorial team, Geosynthetica is applying the same model of outreach and information sharing as it has for its flagship, English-language publication.
“The appropriate use of geosynthetic technologies can increase durability, provide a positive economic impact, and provide stronger environmental protection,” says Elizabeth Peggs, Director of Geosynthetica and Vice President of Minerva (Geosynthetica’s publisher). “ continues our mission to provide a free-access platform for engineers, designers, contractors, regulators and others to learn about and exchange and advance information on geosynthetic technologies. In the case of Brazil, with a wide-reaching and quickly expanding industry, it is important to be within the market and, from there, provide a place for its voice.”
Brazil was the host nation for the 9th International Conference on Geosynthetics (9 ICG), which was held in Guarujá in 2010.
Companies interested in advertising on and listing in the new site’s Buyers Guide, or in contributing to the site’s content, should contact the editor in Brazil, Bruno Pedroni ( For English-language inquiries, you may contact Elizabeth Peggs.