HUESKER has published a video of its extensive canal restoration work on the Mittlere-Isar-Kanal (MIK) in Germany. The project, which utilizes the Incomat® geosynthetic concrete mattress system and which featured underwater installation, was profiled on Geosynthetica in March 2014.
In announcing the new video, the company noted: “The special feature of this construction project is in the underwater installation of the new channel sealing without draining the respective channel sections. The project’s innovative installation method allowed a remarkable installation speed and maintenance of the power plant operation overnight.

Huesker Incomat Geosynthetic Concrete Mattress
The refurbished canal with geosynthetic lining.

Located north-east of Munich, the approx. 64 km long Mittlere-Isar-Kanal dates back to the 1920s. With a flow rate of approx. 150 m³/s, the canal is provided with a sequence of seven run-of-river weirs, whose total hydropower output is just short of 130 MW. The resulting annual electricity production of some 580 GWh suffices to supply around 160,000 four-person households.
After almost 90 years of service, the concrete lining exhibited clear signs of ageing. Especially in the intermediate zone between the high and low water marks, the concrete microstructure was heavily damaged. In some places, the cracks and spalling near the construction joints had been exacerbated by the growth of vegetation.
The video, and the March 2014 article, explore the need for an in-service, underwater installation and how the geosynthetic solution made it possible.
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