Tensar Geotalk - Revetment in Louisiana
An 18-in-thick Triton® Marine Mattress System was selected to stabilize the soft marsh soils of Lake Borgne’s shoreline.

Tensar International Corporation has published its latest issue of GeoTalk, a regular geosynthetic technology and project stories publication. This issue adds seven stories to the series:

  • Building Public Transportation over a Capped Landfill
  • Key Gateway Construction between Major Roads near Fort Collins, Colorado
  • Railbed Performance of Tensar® TriAx® Geogrids
  • Haul Road Reinforcement in Mining Operations
  • Louisiana Shoreline Revetment
  • Restoration of a New York Spillway after Hurricane Irene
  • New High-Performance Turf Reinforcement Mats

– The mining reinforcement story reports on how payloads at above-ground mines range from 35 to 100 tons regularly; but that new “ultra haulers” transport more than 270 tons. Geogrid reinforcemenet is utilizing local soils and strengthening gravel roads to prevent rutting, decrease maintenance, and extend the safe life of operations.

Tensar Railway Reinforcement
Save up to $30,000 per track mile with geogrid reinforcement? Field and lab testing confirms it.

– The beneficial redevelopment of former landfill space outside Olympia, Washington has provided a sustainable, 8-acre park-and-ride facility that is helping to alleviate congestion on Interstate 5 heading into the state’s capital city. A pavement reinforcement system was chosen to mitigate impact on the capping system below.
– Fort Collins, Colorado used the interchange project as a way to include an MSE structure that would reduce the visual and noise pollution of traffic while disturbing less land (in building up more than out). The interchange itself is providing significant economic value to the community too.
– Field and lab testing over a two-year period have indicated that geogrid-stabilized railway track may yield cost savings “on the order of $30,000 per track mile” versus conventional construction alternatives. Also, lifetime maintenance is decreased.
Read more in GeoTalk 23.1 here