Geofabrics Australasia has developed a suite of videos that explain various standardized tests on geosynthetics. While these videos focus specifically on Australian standards, they are highly applicable to testing conducted elsewhere in the world (e.g., ASTM, ISO) and provide an excellent bit of insight into how the stringency of testing behind geosynthetic product manufacturing and specification relates to practical field applications.
Published above is an example from the series: Australian Standard (AS) 3706.2 – Grab Tensile Test Method for Nonwoven Geotextiles.

Tensile testing of nonwoven geotextiles, Australia
While the Grab Tensile Test is not directly applicable to in-situ performance, it offers a strong guide and helps engineers understand how the nonwoven geotexile is to function for applications such as cushioning, protection, and separation.

From the video:

“The purpose of the grab tensile test is a quick low-energy test to check the performance of a geotextile compared to a specification…. It does not take into account any soil-geotextile interaction experienced in-situ…. The grab method determines the breaking load and elongation of the fabric by simulating stone grabbing the geotextile, which is localized in tension.”

The full suite of videos is available via the Geofabrics Australasia YouTube channel.