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Start the week with the latest in the geoengineering world. Here’s the GeoWire conversation for the week of October 19. WORK SMARTER.


A new study suggests people do NOT want your environmental advice. So how can we tell the right stories and effect change? Here are some strategies. [WIRED]

China’s emissions reduction plan can be viewed reasonably as (1) extraordinary and world altering; and, (2) the same old platitudes. [Energy Transition]

A Bank of England governor warns that if companies ignore the climate crisis, they will face their own financial extinction. [Guardian]


Essential Questions: Geomembrane Wrinkling and Bridging [Geosynthetica]

Best Practices: Minimizing Geomembrane Wrinkles [Geosynthetica]

October’s online learning opportunities in geosynthetics are quite impressive. [Geosynthetica]

Photo of a clean geomembrane installation with no wrinkles in the liner


How to disinfect EVERYTHING. [WIRED]

Five ways you can use neuroscience to improve the effectiveness of your communication [Knowledge@Wharton]


Yowza! SpaceX has now put more than 800 internet-beaming satellites into orbit. [TechCrunch]

You can extract energy from ambient noise underwater with a handheld device. Without a battery. [Economist]

In an era of online conferences, digital translation technology is not necessarily ready for technical content. A group of paleontologists found common terms in their field bleeped out. [NY Times]


The cost of fitting in [Fast Company]

We’re all weary from the pandemic, but some believe cities and startups may be on the cusp of a “Great Reboot” [Inc.]

Storytelling can make or break your leadership [Harvard Business Review]

This is the October 19, 2020 GeoWire from Geosynthetica. GeoWire is published on Mondays with thought-leading links to help infrastructure professionals work smarter. News and ideas to share? Contact us.

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