A meadow is surrounded by forest in Humboldt State Park (California). Photo by Ethan Daniels via Shutterstock license.

Start the week with the latest in the geoengineering world. Here’s the GeoWire conversation for the week of September 28. WORK SMARTER.


Himanshu Gupta argues that one thing that could accelerate the adoption of climate-friendly technologies and designs is if more climate scientists chose industry over academia. [GreenBiz]

Is capitalism responsible for climate damage? Polluting industries that choose to operate as normal until regulation or profit directs them elsewhere makes a simple case. Some research, however, reveals a more complicated story around the erosion of social capital. [Net Zero from Bloomberg, via LinkedIn]

Latin America has dealt with a significant surge in Covid cases. The road to economic recovery post-Covid will not be an easy one, but there are plenty of signs that Latin America could accelerate its recovery with a green strategy. [Energy Transition]


VIDEO: GCL Seal Revives Historic German Moat [Geosynthetica]

Image of moat renovation works in Delitzsch, Germany. The drone flyover image from NAUE shows housing on left, roadway on right, and in the center the moat. Half the moat is empty and with construction equipment.

So many interesting presentations coming up! October Preview: GeoAmericas 2020 Online and Sustainability [Geosynthetica]

IGS Chapter Focus: France [International Geosynthetics Society]

Online learning opportunities in geosynthetics [Geosynthetica]


What eats viruses? Protists. (They can have them!) [NY Times]

Because the editor of Geosynthetica has family in the Natural State (Arkansas), this news from Crater of Diamonds has him thinking of a vacation: Man finds 9-carat raw diamond at state park [CNN]


Wow. Research indicates that 25% of US adults get news from YouTube. [TechCrunch]

An upside to pandemic life? For one, we’ve realized how much work can be done outside of traditional offices. We may also be seeing the world become better connected, through an Elon Musk initiative and some basic wifi technology used by airplanes. [Vox]

Did you notice changes to LinkedIn? The addition of “stories” and video meetings is less about how you engage with your network than that you engage. [LinkedIn]


How to identify and mitigate unconscious bias in the workplace. Cheers to Jabulile Msiza for putting this story on our radar! [Forbes]

Employee engagement: Making a difference [Knowledge@Wharton]

The best laptop stands to save your neck [WIRED]

This is the September 28, 2020 GeoWire from Geosynthetica. GeoWire is published on Mondays with thought-leading links to help infrastructure professionals work smarter. News and ideas to share? Contact us.

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