A new center, formed by the Geosynthetic Institute, called The Center for Polymeric Reinforcement of Structures (CPReS), will focus on polymeric reinforced walls (modular block walls, and others), polymer reinforced steep soil slopes, and polymeric reinforced foundation systems (over pile foundations, spanning voids, etc.). The center will function under the guidance and direction of Dr. Grace Hsuan (with activities at Drexel University) who has proposed and will be involved with testing using the Stepped Isothermal Method (SIM), Dr. Dov Leschinsky (with activities at the University of Delaware) who has proposed and willl be involved with design considerations when encountering limited space for full reinforced lengths, and Dr. George Koerner (with activities at the Geosynthetic Institute) who has proposed and will be involved with building a small segmental retaining wall at GSI (needed to accommodate the GSI air conditioning condensers) with pH monitoring directly between the blocks. Dr. Bon Koerner will serve in an advisory role.