Huesker, Management Structure
HUESKER Group announces a strengthened management structure, which sets new priorities and will further improve customer orientation, reaction times and HUESKER’s product and service portfolio.
In order to serve the North American market even better, Sven Schröer has been appointed as new CEO of HUESKER inc., Charlotte, USA effective 1 January 2014. Schröer has been working for the Group for more than 10 years. Most recently he was responsible for international geosynthetic sales and led the business development of Earthworks and Foundations.
Steven Lothspeich will focus on his position as President of the fast growing HUESKER Geocomposites LLC, which provides highly innovative products in environmental applications. Utilizing his experience of more than 20 years in the industry he will be taking this HUESKER inc. subsidiary to a new level.
Schröer will be followed by Rob Albers in the position of Vice President Sales EMEAA (Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa). Albers possesses many years of experience in the international geosynthetics market and joined the HUESKER Group in 2011, where he first was responsible, amongst others, for M&A activities.
Christian Kortboyer will continue in his position as Vice President Sales DACH (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) and thus will ensure the continued growth of HUESKER in its home markets.
Dr.-Ing. Dimiter Alexiew will, in his position as Technical Director, continue to make available his extensive engineering knowledge, specifically for the international projects, HUESKER is involved in.
In order to place technical support even closer to HUESKER’s customers, both sales departments will be supported by their respective engineering departments under the leadership of Oliver Detert (EMEAA) and Hartmut Hangen (DACH).
HUESKER’s innovative power will be strengthened by the newly established position of Vice President Product Management/R&D and marketing. In this role, Andreas Elsing will be responsible for the entire life cycle of HUESKER’s product portfolio and will lead the R&D group as well as the marketing and quality management departments. Elsing has many years of experience in geosynthetic product management and B2B marketing and will use his new position to develop research networks, coordinate development processes and thus reinforce and enhance HUESKER’s leading position as the industry’s innovator.
As Vice President Sales Agriculture and Industry, Jörg Eßling continues to be in charge of this very successful Business Area of the HUESKER Group. Eßling and his team will continue to focus on future growth of these segments not only in Germany but also internationally.
In his role as Vice President Manufacturing, Heinz-Georg Richels will continue to lead the manufacturing sites in Germany, but also facilitate the planning and implementation of local production facilities in selected markets.
Karl-Heinz Martin will continue in his role as Vice President Finance and strengthen HUESKER’s worldwide Management Systems.
Dr.-Ing. F.- Hans Grandin, CEO of HUESKER Group, who personally will focus on the Group’s strategy and the North- and South American Market, states: “HUESKER has grown substantially over the past years. Such growth can only be sustainable based on a strong management team, clear focus and an innovative product and service portfolio. The new management structure will provide this basis to ensure that HUESKER further enhances its leadership position.”
As one of the international leading manufacturers of geosynthetics, the HUESKER Group is active in the business areas Earthworks and Foundations, Roads and Pavements, Hydraulic Engineering, Environmental Engineering as well as applications in Industry and Agriculture.

About HUESKER Synthetic GmbH

The HUESKER Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of geosynthetics, agricultural and industrial textiles. Its products and services provide solutions for the business areas Earthworks and Foundations, Roads and Pavements, Environmental Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering as well as applications in Industry and Agriculture. As a pioneer of textile fabrics, HUESKER has helped to shape the international markets for more than 150 years.
The corporate head office of the HUESKER Group is located in Gescher (Westphalia), Germany. The company also has subsidiaries in Great Britain, Spain, Italy, France, the Netherlands, USA, Brazil and Russia. Furthermore, HUESKER works together closely with trading and distribution partners as well as having its own sales branches in more than 60 countries. This ensures that HUESKER is able to market its cutting-edge products and provide highly qualified engineering consultancy services worldwide.
Today, HUESKER offers a wide palette of products, including synthetic geogrids, woven and knitted fabrics, composite materials and geosynthetic clay layers. Nonwoven fabrics, drainage and erosion protection mats complete the range.
Source: HUESKER Group