Soil Stabilization
The 9m-high wall has a nearly vertical face. Click on image to view it larger.

A Soil Stabilization Story from Strata Systems Exploration and development company, Continental Gold, established a mining operation in the mountains of Antioquia, Colombia. Situated 940m (3,084 ft.) above sea level, the very complex and steep terrain rendered the area nearly inaccessible for construction equipment to build a stable storage and work area.
In fact, mules had to be used to access the location and bring building materials to the jobsite.
Continental Gold needed a stable, level platform that could handle high loads from heavy equipment, while being cost-effective and able to use the in-situ soils.
After an engineering analysis, Stratagrid® was selected as the soil reinforcement for the construction of a mechanically stabilized earth retaining structure. Stratagrid was chosen not only because of the quality products provided, but also for Strata’s technical expertise in support of Syntex, Strata’s distributor in Colombia. Ultimate advantages of the Stratagrid included excellent long-term design strength derived from high resistance to creep and low installation reduction factors, plus convenient roll sizes. Local workers layered SG500 as the primary geogrid with SG200 as the secondary geogrid. They hand-filled polypropylene bags with material from the mountainside to act as construction form and final facing for the proposed 9.4m (31 ft.), near-vertical structure. The platform will remain unpaved and the facing will be planted with natural vegetation, creating not only a long-term stable structure, but one in visual harmony with the surroundings.
The plan successfully resulted in a 35% cost savings due to the ability to use on-site fill. This created an environmentally friendly project that took less time and less freight transport. Excavation machines and other heavy construction equipment now have ease of access and a safe work platform. The mountainside MSE structure will require little maintenance over its lifetime.
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