Landslides Workshop - Geosynthetics for slope stabilization - World Landslide Forum 2017World Landslide Forum 2017During the 4th World Landslide Forum, the Italian Chapter of the International Geosynthetics Society (AIG-IGS) will hold a one-day workshop on 1 June 2017. Landslides workshop title: Geosynthetics for Slope Stabilization.
Daniele Cazzuffi (IGS Past President, CESI SpA, Milano, Italy) and Sabatino Cuomo (University of Salerno, Italy) are organizing the event.


In the event copy, the organizers write:
Slope stability can be increased by modifying the ground surface geometry, through superficial or deep drainage, using soil improvement techniques, installing continuous or discrete retaining structures such as walls or piles. Geosynthetics are polymeric products commonly used for reinforcement and erosion control of man-made soil structures and artificial slopes. The reinforcement type, the soil mechanical properties and the anchorage system, as well as the extensibility, disposition and shape of the reinforcements lead to different behaviours in terms of deformation and strength. Geotechnical characteristics of the soil influence the stress distribution at the soil-reinforcement interface. The interaction behaviour between soil and geosynthetics is experimentally measured through pull-out tests and direct shear tests, and the resulting properties have direct implications on the design of reinforced soil structures. Inclined plane tests are also widely used, especially in Europe, for measuring the friction interface of geosynthetics.
The increasing use of geosynthetics as reinforcing elements in soil structures – eventually associated with vegetation – has greatly encouraged sophisticated experimental work, including laboratory models and centrifuge tests, and advanced numerical analyses, in order to gain a better insight into the reinforcement mechanisms as well as to validate or improve the existing design methods.
This landslides workshop is aimed to provide an opportunity to researchers and practitioners for sharing experience, ideas and best practices in the field of slope stabilization through geosynthetics and related products.
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