TRI Pipe Week, October 2015The extended registration period for the corrugated and solid wall plastic pipe training courses in Austin, Texas comes to a close on October 2. The two 1.5-day sessions, which are part of Pipe Week professional development activities, will feature expert instruction on pipe and conduit, applications, basic polymer chemistry, resins, polymeric properties, testing, specification, long-term performance, long-term hydrostatic strength, and much more.
Instructors for the event include Mario Paredes, P.E. and Rick Thomas, P.E. (TRI Environmental), Dr. Tom Walsh (Walsh Consulting), and Sarah Patterson and Dan Currence (Plastics Pipe Institute [PPI]).
All Pipe Week activities will be held at TRI Environmental’s Austin, Texas campus.

  • October 6 – 7: Corrugated Plastic Pipe
  • October 8 – 9: Solid Wall Plastic Pipe

The training courses, which may be taken individual or as a set, emphasize how plastic pipe performance is related to its raw material and additive formulations and how proper laboratory characterization and interpretation of test results is crucial to successful product qualification and use. The courses provide details on how corrugated and solid wall pipes are manufactured, specified, installed, inspected, and ultimately approved. This includes the numerous polymeric variations with pipes that are utilized in infrastructure and industry.
Pipe Week training is a strong opportunity for professional growth and business development for all sectors of plastic pipe-related engineering.