Raven Industries Wide-Width Fabrication of Geomembranes Raven Industries Wide-Width Fabrication of GeomembranesRaven Engineered Films (NASDAQ:RAVN) has announced the addition of wide-width capacity for fabrication of geomembranes at its Madison, South Dakota facility. The primary focus for the operation will be on wide-width materials with lay-flat characteristics. A new 150-inch-wide lay-flat winding capability enables accordion and c-folded panels to create single-roll panels up to 8,000-lb. rolls.
In a release, the division’s Vice President and General Manager, Anthony Schmidt, said, “We are excited to open this new phase of capacity with the major advantages that 150-inch wide-width conversion can provide for our customers.”
The company highlighted examples of the facility’s capabilities:

  • 40-mil geomembrane (50 x 800 ft.) containing one factory seam, folded and rolled on a 12.5-ft.-long core (multiple 25-ft.-wide c-folded increments available)
  • Reinforced geomembranes up to 45-mil (24 x 1,650 ft.) containing one factory seam, folded and rolled on a 12-ft.-long core (multiple 12-ft.-wide increments available)

The added capacity will decrease the fabricated-product lead times. This includes geomembrane liners, custom grain covers, and related liner markets.
Large panels provide consider savings for sites. The secure seams are created in the controlled environment of a factory and the large rolls with single panels enable quick installation over large areas. Customization option can enable swift installation with site-specific variance taken into account.
In support of the new capacity, the company has made a short case study available to demonstrate the quick deployment that wide-width fabrication enables.
Learn more at http://ravengeo.com.