NAUE News 50 Project Photo from Serbian Landfill Modernization
Serbia's EU candidacy requires compliance with the EU's stringent waste management facility design and performance requirements. NAUE profiles how these directives are being met with geosynthetics.

There’s an old saying in media that “content is king.” Our friends at NAUE Group are certainly celebrating a regal milestone in the field, as they published Issue #50 of NAUE News in December. The publication series, established in January 1998, has never been an exclusively corporate newsletter. The company has steadily delivered relevant project stories, standards updates, market development news, and other items that have an impact far beyond their offices.

It’s a welcomed record of the profession, the sort that few companies take the time to formally collect. In the archives of the publication series, one can find the modernization of landfill construction methods around the world, the changing needs of runway designs with larger aircraft, how certain construction methods have significantly reduced the carbon footprint of infrastructure, and so much more.

Geosynthetica has had the good fortune to share a number of case studies from NAUE over the years, and we congratulate its team on the enormous achievement of Issue #50.

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The new issue of NAUE News collects stories from around the world that highlight large engineering challenges. Of note, these projects focus on:

  • Constructing road embankments in former mining zones where a risk of subsidence exists
  • Developing new waste cells above decommissioned cells
  • Environmental protection along railway lines
  • Coastal protection dunes
  • Better industrial processing ponds
  • Updating landfill practices in Serbia
  • A new tunnel sealing approach
  • Stable and ecologically compatible roads

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Additional notes in the issue address the update to ISO / TS 13434 – Geosynthetics – Guidelines for the assessment of durability, a new quick-release fastener method for closing geotextile sand containers, geosynthetics webinars, and how geosynthetics fit into climate adaptation designs.

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