HUESKER Mining BrochureHUESKER Acquires NBW Mining in AustraliaFor 20 years, Australia-based NBW Mining has supplied HUESKER Minegrid® into longwall mining applications. Now, NBW Mining is joining the HUESKER family.
HUESKER Synthetic GmbH, the international headquarters for the global HUESKER corporation, has announced the acquisition of its long-time Australian mining market partner.
“This is a great opportunity for HUESKER and NBW Mining to combine our strengths, diversify, and capture new markets,” said HUESKER CEO, Dr. F.- Hans Grandin . “We believe that [NBW Mining’s] expertise in underground mining solutions will greatly contribute toward expanding our systems offering. Therefore, today marks a big step into a great, common future….”
This follows comments HUESKER North America CEO Sven Schröer made earlier in 2016: “The mining industry is being underserved,” he said, in describing investments they were making in North and Central America. “[We want to] provide the mining industry, their trade partners, distribution friends, and end-users with the same service we provide other market segments.”


Minegrid has been used to recover longwalls, support ribs, and reinforce highwalls in mines and quarries around the world over the past two decades. The product line has proven itself in the extreme conditions common to mining, which has made this geosynthetic solution ever more important for mine safety, productivity, and profitability.
NBW Mining has not only been essential to helping establish a strong market presence for the product line in Australia but in Siberia, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and Norway.
The two companies have historically achieved some impressive installations together, including single-piece Minegrid Systems exceeding 400m in length. Unique installation devices have also been invented for the underground work.
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