Propex GeoSolutions GeotextilesPropex GeoSolutions - Sales StructurePropex GeoSolutions has announced a dual-function sales structure with a market-focused, efficiency approach. Two distinct teams have been create, with one dedicated to a Geotextile sales line and the other to Erosion Control and Specialty Solutions.
Ray Bruno, National Sales Leader, has been named the lead of the Geotextile Team. Their product markets will include the Propex GeoSolutions lines woven, civil nonwoven, and paving geotextiles.
Todd Gerrez will lead the Erosion Control and Specialty Solutions Team. Their product markets will cover ARMORMAX®, PYRAMAT® and other erosion and sediment control solutions.
“I am very excited about this new structure, and believe that it will generate successful and sustainable growth,” said Mike Gorey, CEO of Propex.
The teams will focus on competitive pricing, specification assistance, prompt and consistent quoting, and additional tools and programs for support key infrastructure sectors such as transportation, civil engineering, and environmental applications. Both teams are backed by significant technical support and manufacturing quality control.
The team reorganization follows the relaunch of the company’s primary website, The web redesign, like the team establishment, has centered around markets, more efficient delivery of information, and easy-to-access technical data and affiliated resources.