GeoAsia 7 Announces New Dates – April 2022

GeoAsia 7 in Taipei, Taiwan
The 7th Asian Regional Conference on Geosynthetics, GeoAsia 7, has proactively moved its dates a second time, due to ongoing travel restrictions and concerns around covid. Conference chair, Prof. Chiwan Wayne Hsieh, and fellow organizers have announced 11 - 15 April 2022 as the official dates now. The International Geosynthetics Society (IGS) confirmed the change in its most recent...

Last Chance to Register for 4 ICTG Virtual Conference

The 4th International Conference on Transportation Geotechnics (4 ICTG) is one of the many conferences that was disrupted in 2020 by Covid. The organizers shifted the event to 2021 and to a virtual format. For many in the geotechnical community who took part in the GAP 2019 conference on Geostructural Aspects of Pavements, Railways, and Airfields in 2019, the...

Titan’s Expansion in Eastern Canada Is Big News

Photo of Fraser Robinson (Left) and Wes Anderson (Right) outside Titan's new facility in Ontario
Five years ago when Titan Environmental Containment celebrated its 10th anniversary, Geosynthetica profiled the tremendous growth that the company had experienced throughout Canada and the United States. The arc we looked at then hasn't stopped. Titan has continually shown leaps in project scale, new geosynthetic product development, product portfolio growth, and expansion in warehouses and offices. This week, Titan has...

How to Specify GCCM Materials with ASTM D8364

Concrete Canvas Tech Note on GCCM and ASTM D8364
This series of Technical Notes, authored by Concrete Canvas Ltd., consider the importance of using ASTM standards that are specific to Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mats (GCCMs) when selecting GCCM materials for use on erosion control projects. THE PROBLEM GCCMs are unlike most geosynthetics as their properties change on hydration from flexible to rigid. Both the uncured (pre-set, soft and flexible) and...

Solmax Enhances Geosynthetics Profile Line for EMEA Market

Solmax PolyLock profile
Solmax continues its extraordinary growth, this time through expanding the manufacturing capabilities at its state-of-the-art geosynthetics plant in Rechlin, Germany. The line enhancements, recently announced by the company, will immediately benefit the production of PolyLock and Interlock polyethylene (LL/HDPE) profiles. The extruded LL/HDPE concrete embedment strips allow engineers and geosynthetic installers to securely anchor the company’s geomembranes to concrete. “Our...

Geotextile Containers Support Mangrove Growth, Healthier Ecosystems

In 2014, Australia-based Geofabrics reported on Geosynthetica about the use of geotextile containers to protect a coastal zone's vital mangrove vegetation. As part of Geosynthetica's extended Earth Day celebration, we look back at this article. Its details provide an exemplary case for preserving mangroves and utilizing geosynthetics in coastal protection. MANGROVE IMPORTANCE TO MARINE ECOSYSTEMS Coastline mangrove growth can play a...

Register Now for the Online Electrical Leak Location Course

Electrical leak location - dipole survey image from TRI Environmental
TRI Environmental’s Senior Engineer Abigail Gilson is one of the world’s foremost practitioners in electrical leak location (ELL) technologies. On May 10, as part of the online Geosynthetics CQA Week training opportunities, Gilson will lead a half-day course on the state-of-practice with ELL surveys in waste management and affiliated containment sectors. REGISTER ONLINE LEARN ABOUT ELECTRICAL LEAK LOCATION Participants of the course will learn...

A Golden Anniversary for HaTelit Asphalt Reinforcement

HUESKER HaTelit asphalt reinforcement installation image
Through high-level research, testing, and projects, the geosynthetics field is constantly building its durability record for materials and applications. HUESKER is marking another sort of durability anniversary: the success of its HaTelit asphalt reinforcement product. The first road construction to utilize the material was executed in 1971. Roadways and runways have seen a fairly large increase in geosynthetic asphalt reinforcement...

The First International Conference on Geosynthetics, 20 April 1977

From 20 - 22 April 1977, the International Conference on the Use of Fabrics in Geotechnics was held in Paris, France. This watershed event included a paper from engineer Dr. J.P. Giroud in which he coined two terms that have become central to the field of geosynthetics: "geotextile" and "geomembrane." The Paris gathering, which would later be recognized as the...

How Geosynthetics Help Design More Sustainable Landfills

Post-Closure Care of Landfills
In 2019, Dr. George Koerner, P.E. and his Geosynthetic Institute colleagues published a white paper on the advantages of geosynthetics in construction from an embodied carbon perspective. They returned to it in early 2020 with a new white paper on the topic. Geosynthetics, as you might expect, came out dramatically ahead from cost and embodied carbon analyses in both...