Jorge Zornberg on Siamak’s Geosynthetics Podcast

Image of Professor Jorge Zornberg seated beside a materials testing table. From the University of Texas - Austin.
Our good friend Siamak Paulson, an Australia-based engineer, continues his series of interviews with not just Australian geosynthetics experts but luminaries from around the world. The latest video podcast from Siamak's Geosynthetics Podcast features International Geosynthetics Society (IGS) Past President Jorge Zornberg. Other episodes available on Siamak’s YouTube Channel include interviews with Kent von Maubeuge, Warren Hornsey, Mike Dobie, Brendan...

The GeoWire for the Week of September 14

Eagle Creek Wildfire in Columbia River Gorge, Oregon. Photo by Christian Roberts-Olsen via Shutterstock standard license.
Start the week with the latest in the geoengineering world. Here's the GeoWire conversation for the week of September 14. WORK SMARTER. ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT It's hard to look at much else right now outside of the devastating wildfires in Oregon and California. RELATED: A new tool is being used to map every tree in California. The hope is that...

10 Phobias That Make Engineering Careers More Difficult

Illustration of an Agoraphobic Man Peeking from Behind His Venetian Blinds by Lorelyn Medina via Shutterstock license
Phobias make for interesting “rabbit hole” reading. Once you find a classical-looking, not-easily-pronounced, gigantic word—apologies to speakers of Greek—it becomes pretty easy to just keep clicking in search of more things you might start fearing if you don’t fear them (rationally) already. Phobias, however common, can complicate career choices. Hemophobia (fear of blood) would make a career as a surgeon...

Geotextile Dewatering Bags for Desludging Wastewater Ponds

Desludging Wastewater Ponds Using Geotextile Dewatering Bags
For #ThrowbackThursday, we revisit the most popular project story on Geosynthetica from 2018. The story was originally published 29 January 2018, which gave Oriokot's article on the use of dewatering bags for desludging applications a good jump on its project story competition in that year; but, it needs to be pointed out that its first month of readership interest...

IAPD Concrete Protection Liners Webinar – September 10

Concrete Protection Liners Prepare Vancouver’s Wastewater Infrastructure
Concrete protection is an essential element in extending the lifespan of many critical pieces of infrastructure, such as in wastewater treatment facilities. Concrete protection liners (CPL) help prevent corrosive compounds and gases from damaging these structures. On September 10 at 2:00pm CDT, the International Association of Plastics Distribution (IAPD) will host a concrete protection liners webinar featuring AGRU America’s Ernie...

The GeoWire for the Week of September 7

Top view aerial of Cat Lai container harbor, center Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam with development buildings, transportation, energy power infrastructure. Photo by Hien Phung Thu via Shutterstock.
Start the week with the latest in the geoengineering world. Here's the GeoWire conversation for the week of September 7. WORK SMARTER. -- REMINDER -- Register Now for GeoVirtual 2020, September 14 - 16 ONLINE BIG IDEAS Climate change impact on sea levels and the expected increase in sea transport of freight may require ports to double or even quadruple their footprints....

REMINDER: Register Now for GeoVirtual 2020

GeoVirtual 2020 Logo from CGS
"Resilience and Innovation" is the perfect theme for this year's annual conference of the Canadian Geotechnical Society. Originally scheduled for Winnipeg, the organizers moved the conference online to provide a safe learning and networking environment, due to the on-going pandemic and international travel restrictions. Renamed GeoVirtual 2020, the conference has retained its technical muscle and top-tier industry support. Be sure...

Geosynthetics in Airport Runway Design

Image of a jet about to land on the runway. The sky is transitioning red, orange, yellow from left to right. A city is silhouetted in the distance.
Geosynthetics provide a number of engineering solutions for airports, such as secondary containment for fuel depots, containment for deicing runoff, stormwater management, and runway and taxiway reinforcement. For runways and other zones trafficked by heavy planes and fuel trucks, geosynthetics improve the bearing capacity of soils and strengthen pavements for long-term design life and safer landings. Here, we collect a few...

The GeoWire for the Week of August 31

Image of calculator (partially out of frame) and a pen atop a financial sheet, the numbers of which are too grayed out to be read.
Start the week with the latest in the geoengineering world. Here's the GeoWire conversation for the week of August 31. WORK SMARTER. ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT Whoa: Researchers in Sweden have discovered a solar-energy-storing molecule. How to avoid 9 expensive hazardous waste violations Video: Sludge Remediation Strategies with Geotextiles GEOSYNTHETICS Avoiding Whales in Anaerobic Digesters 10 questions with Prof. Neil Dixon, whose research into...

Avoiding Whales in Anaerobic Digesters

Anaerobic Digester Designs: Critical Issues to Avoid Whales
By Ian D. Peggs – Six years ago, shortly after being placed into service, one of two geomembrane-lined and covered anaerobic digesters generated extensive whales (bubbles) in the geosynthetic lining system. Attempts to remove the gas from under the cover were unsuccessful. Then, project partners realized that the cover was being lifted by gas from under the base liner. Within two...