Diamond Grid has published a video story on the installation of its polymeric mat system to create an access road for Pambula Merimbula Golf Course in Australia.
At the open of the story, Pat Wilson, course superintendent, says that the course has used the polymeric matting solution on several projects historically on the course in lieu of concrete.
Diamond Grid notes that its primary material costs 60% less than concrete installations that perform the same function. The UV-stablized, 100% polypropylene grid system also comes with welcomed permeability so that natural infiltration and drainage can occur across an installation.
For Pambula Merimbula, 14 pallets of Diamond Grid material were delivered to cover 720 m of road.
The polymeric mats are light enough for an individual to handle. They panels lock into place quickly and efficiently for installation by one person or a team.  The grid crush resistance is substantial—280 tonne/m2. Immediately upon completion of panel placement, a gravel truck was driven onto the roadway and aggregate fill was poured and raked into place.
Video: Pambula Merimbula Uses Diamond Grid for Access Road
Though the Pambula Merimbula access road was curved, the installation team can be seen in the video using a circular saw to remove overhanging pieces from one side of the curve; they then transfer the cut piece to interlock on the other side of the curve to create a constant edge. The method significantly reduces waste and helps the polymer mat installation meet the exact contours of the design.
The Diamond Grid mats can also be cut to line up with adjacent infrastructure, such as concrete pathways.
For the Australian golf course, the entire 720m road project was completed in less than eight hours.
Video: Pambula Merimbula Uses Diamond Grid for Access Road
Polymeric mats are being used internationally for access roads and soil stabilization applications in oil and gas, mining, agriculture, construction staging, and sport and recreation. Diamond Grid’s Pambula Merimbula video story provides an exemplary case for how and why these lightweight, high load-supporting geosynthetics are being called upon regularly now.
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