VIII CICES – the 8th Iberoamerican Congress on Erosion and Sediment Control Cartegena 2016 - VIII CICES VIII CICES (Cartegena 2016) - IECA IberoamericaThe 8th Iberoamerican Congress on Erosion and Sediment Control (VIII CICES) will be held 15 – 17 August 2016 at the five-star Hotel las Americas in Cartagena, Colombia. This International Erosion Control Association (IECA) Iberoamerican Chapter event includes participating companies and institutions from throughout the Americas.
Key topics include:

  • Urban infrastructure and the biotic processes of everyday life in cities which affect the environment either by erosion or sedimentation
  • Agriculture and how inadequate food production processes induce soil loss and require erosion and sediment control solutions
  • How to identify, enhance, and promote good practices in soil recovery for the benefit of communities, ecosystems, and the planet
  • The state of coasts and shores and how the erosion and sediment control field can better assess and respond to coastal engineering needs, as well as provide long-term solutions
  • How to monitor and correct erosion processes in challenging applications such as mining


Research institutions are always prominent at these events; but the list of companies involved in the multiple technical sessions, networking events, and the international exhibition gives a glimpse of how greatly the Latin American infrastructure market has opened to erosion and sediment control expertise.
It’s one of the things that makes Cartagena a perfect venue for this conference.  The country has been involved in significant infrastructure updates, including climate change response and coastal erosion control investments. The VIII CICES venue, in fact, has been part of beachfront protection and renewal work along Colombia’s Caribbean coast.
Participating companies include:

  • Andex
  • BonTerra
  • Geomembranas
  • Geosolucoes
  • Geosynthetica
  • Gripple
  • Maccaerri
  • Mexichem PAVCO
  • North American Green (Tensar)
  • Presto Geosystems
  • SoilTec
  • Soil Protection SAS
  • TDM Grupo
  • Thrace Group
  • Verdyol
  • Western Excelsior
  • WINfab

And many more. See the full list.


The VIII CICES brings together professionals, businesses, researchers, and students to evaluate and analyze environmental challenges and share insights and solutions. Attendees compare strategies, erosion and sediment control materials, and project information from throughout Latin America. The goal: to continuously improve approaches through experience and communication, and to renew a commitment to protecting the environment.
VIII CICES will also address climate change, economic challenges to infrastructure, and where in the region standards and other regulatory support may be needed.
Learn more about VIII CICES and register online: