Bayer Polymers LLC for “Polyurethane-forming composition with adjustable mix viscosity, geotextile composites prepared therefrom and a process for producing such composites, No. 6,632,875.” Inventors were Peter H. Markusch, McMurray, Ralf Guether, Pittsburgh. The present invention relates to a polyurethane composition with adjustable mix viscosity, to a polyurethane geotextile composite prepared with such polyurethane composition and a process for producing such polyurethane geotextile composites. Patent Application Abstract:
Two-ply polyurethane geotextile composites suitable for lining ditches and canals in which a rigid, dimensionally stable geotextile is bonded to a soft, pliable geotextile with a solidifiable, liquid polyurethane composition which is a reaction product of a mixture of a liquid polyisocyanate having an NCO content of at least 10% by weight, an isocyanate-reactive component which includes at least one high molecular weight polyether polyol and a urethane catalyst are made, preferably at the site where the composite will be used.