Two months ago, the 35-year-old international geosynthetics company Solmax Inc. announced that would for the first time begin manufacturing geomembranes in the United States. The company had acquired the Houston, Texas assets of the former Brawler Inc. Now, after spending weeks upgrading equipment and instituting its own quality control programs, Solmax USA is officially open for business and manufacturing geomembranes.
Solmax Establishes Solmax USA in Texas


The company has put out a short statement to note that its technical team has “[reorganized] the working environment and [adapted] the extrusion blow film line in order to have a high-performance plant capable of delivering very high-quality products efficiently and at a lower cost.”
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The facility updates, which in February were described as necessary “major upgrades,” are not yet complete. Solmax USA plans to expand the portfolio of barrier products offered by the Houston plant and to optimize more equipment.
Manufacturing geomembranes out of Houston gives the company even more efficient coverage and delivery times and reduces shipping costs to specific markets, such as the oil and gas and waste management sectors in the Southern and Southwestern United States.
Solmax - Geosynthetics Market
“By this acquisition … the first thing we wanted to achieve was to get closer to our customers, primarily those operating in the oil and gas industry in the United States,” said Jean Louis Vangeluwe, CEO of Solmax Inc. in February when the acquisition of the plant was confirmed. “Our existing customers and all the new customers with whom we will have the chance to do business shortly have very high requirements in terms of delivery times, costs, and quality of service.”
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