Tencate Geotube in mining Tencate Mirafi Transportation GeosyntheticsStrong companies are often characterized by stability among key staff. Following its history of internal team development and promotion, TenCate Geosynthetics has announced the promotions of Beth Wilbanks and Melissa Medlin.
Beth Wilbanks is an 18-year veteran of TenCate. She will now serve as Director of Product Management, following a successful tenure as Group Quality Manager. In her new role, Wilbanks will work alongside the Senior Product Manager and Product Support Specialist to plan and implement a stratregic product management plan. This work is aimed at aligning TenCate’s product offerings with market demands.
Wilbanks was also an author and presenter at the recent GeoAmericas 2016 in Miami. There, she presented in the retaining walls track on “Minimum Average Roll Value (MARV) – Impact on the Calculation of Long-Term Strength.”
Melissa Medlin, who has been with TenCate for 15+ years, has been promoted to Senior Quality Control Manager for the Cornelia, Georgia location. She will also manage various corporate programs for the Cornelia and Pendergrass, Georgia sites. Prior to this promotion, Medlin served as a Quality Control Manager for these locations.
Quality control is one of the hallmarks of the geosynthetics field, with testing conducted on raw materials, end products during manufacture, and project-installed materials.  The thoroughness of the geosynthetics field in this regard is one of the chief reasons for the profession’s growth—and one of the reasons that during GeoAmericas 2016 Dr. JP Giroud, who coined the terms “geosynthetics” and “geotextiles,” said that the field had been created almost entirely by manufacturers. Without such stringent expertise in testing and quality control, the materials would never have been incorporated into infrastructure. Today, they are reshaping how infrastructures perform and succeed.
Medlin has been a strong asset to TenCate’s quality control program.


The promotions for Beth Wilbanks and Melissa Medlin follow closely on two other notable moves within TenCate:
Lee Bryan transitioned from President of TenCate Geosynthetics Americas to Global Director of Product Supply. Bryan now focuses on “all purchasing and production activities globally in addition to other important value creation opportunities,” the company said.
John Henderson, who is a long record of high-profile industry work, transitioned from Global Director of Water & Environment and Global Marketing Director to President of TenCate Geosynthetics Americas.
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