Tencate Mirafi BXG - Montana DOT Study

Tencate Mirafi BXG - Montana DOT Study3 September 2009 – TenCate™ Geosynthetics base reinforcement geogrids excel in Montana DOT study. In the independent Montana DOT study, TenCate Mirafi® BXG – the woven geogrid of TenCate Geosynthetics North America – outperformed all tested biaxial geogrids including the traditional extruded biaxial geogrids.

The research, performed for the Montana Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration by the Western Transportation Institute, evaluated the use of reinforcement geosynthetics in unsurfaced roads built on soft subgrades (Report No. FHWA/MT-09-003/8193). In this study, eight geogrids were evaluated against two control sections. The results of the study clearly demonstrate the unique benefits provided by TenCate Mirafi® BXG geogrids.

Unlike the extruded biaxial geogrids which experienced rupture during the study, the design of TenCate Mirafi® BXG woven geogrids allowed high transference of strength from the geogrid to the soil. The rupture of the extruded biaxial geogrids “significantly limited their ability to carry load in the cross-machine direction, which consequently reduced their ability to stabilize the weak subgrade soils during trafficking.” However, TenCate Mirafi® BXG geogrids had “very little rib damage” and provided the best rutting performance of all geogrids tested.

Brett Odgers, PE, roadway reinforcement market manager at TenCate Geosynthetics is excited: “We are extremely pleased with the results of this independent study. Our geogrid production technology has allowed us to produce the most effective reinforcement geogrid available on the market. We are also pleased that this research finally dispels the myth that old extruded geogrid technology outperforms the revolutionary woven geogrid technology.”


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