Naue Erosion-Stable Road Embankment Feature Image

Naue is one of the world’s most diverse manufacturers of geosynthetic and affiliated sustainable materials. The company produces nearly every type of geosynthetic and innovative new materials that are 100% biodegradable. The company has published a system selection document for professionals needing erosion-stable road embankment engineered solutions.

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In the opening, the company writes:

Erosion often occurs on road embankments when there is a strong and constant impact of precipitation due to local weather phenomena. Likewise, dry periods cause the soil to hold together no longer in agglomerates due to a lack of cohesion of the soil particles but to fall apart. In the next step, high wind or water forces transport detached soil particles away. This may lead to visual obstructions due to dust accumulation or to silting and clogging by mud. If the transport forces decrease, the possibly contaminated soil material is deposited again in undesirable places. This triad of erosion, transport and deposition can lead to considerable problems.

The document goes on to describe:

  • Mechanisms of erosion
  • Impact of erosion on climate health
  • Temporary and permanent solutions
  • Design options

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