video interview with Geo Products LLC

Panama’s coastal storms cause significant erosion issues. Punta Raton Beach exemplifies the challenges and how to overcome them. Limited space, steep and sandy slopes. Heavy rains and wind.
In this Geosynthetica video interview, Al Florez (Geo Products LLC) discusses how Panama-based Panaweb utilized EnviroGrid geocells in a highly effective erosion control and slope stabilization design to preserve the beach and access.


Envirogrid Geocells, Slope Stabilization
Using a dead man anchor at the top connected to polyethylene tendons to support the material and prevent sliding, the geocellular confinement panels were installed.  The cells were filled with sandy soil, but due to the unstable nature of much of the site heavy equipment was not always able to be used. In those instances, hand-filling was the only option.
Afterwards, the geocell-stabilized face was vegetated, giving Punta Raton a sustainable, strong solution.
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