Maccaferri - Polymeric Marine Mattresses

Maccaferri - Marine MattressesPolymeric Marine Mattresses (PMM) are compartmental structures composed of a high density, flexible, UV stabilized, extruded geogrid specifically developed for the demanding performance required in coastal and marine applications.
On Thursday, 19 September 2013, Maccaferri will host a free 90-minute webinar on “Coastal Applications with Polymeric Marine Mattresses.” The event will being at 2:00 pm EDT and a non-credit 0.15 CEU certificate will be offered to webinar attendees.
Maccaferri’s experienced professionals will discuss the various product applications, discuss project case studies, review technical specifications, and provide design and installation techniques to gain a better understanding of their construction and project performance.
We will discuss the product versatility and design importance for a variety of marine and coastal applications including:

  • Foundations for coastal structures (breakwaters, groins, jetties, and dikes)
  • Shoreline revetments, retaining walls, and embankment stabilization
  • Scour protection and bridge scour abutment,
  • Pipeline protection, and
  • Riverbank stabilization

Maccaferri - Marine Matresses Webinar