HafenCity Hamburg construction photo from NAUE Group

The NAUE Academy puts engineering knowledge at your fingertips through its series of webinars on geotechnical solutions. The free, live webinars address a wide-range of topics in which geosynthetics are used, such as coastal protection, geomembrane weld quality, and, as here in November, geogrids, piled embankments, and urban development.

The November 24 presentation (9:00 am CEST) hosted by NAUE Group will center around the impressive HafenCity Hamburg urban revitalization project along the city’s well-known harbor. Piled embankments and geosynthetic reinforcement have been essential to the success of the project.


Piled embankments have become a popular construction option, with their high robustness, low settlement rates, and competitive costs. In Germany, where the webinar’s key project took place, the development of this method and related piled embankment designs have been guided by EBGEO:2010 and Dutch CUR:226. These documents and the inputs yielded over years of research and practice have produced a very favorable approach to using this geotechnical option with geogrid reinforcement.

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The development of HafenCity Hamburg–the largest inner-city development project in Europe–is exemplary. It has used the technique several times with great success, in order to deal efficiently with difficult subsoils, construction over a new subway tunnel, the inclusion of a railway line and new roadway artery, etc.

Register now for the November 24 webinar and updates from the NAUE Academy. The presenting experts will discuss the state-of-the-art HafenCity design, subsoil interaction, soil improvement techniques, and reinforcement strategies with piled embankments. Field measurements will also be presented in the context of the practical application in this harbor redevelopment.

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