(NOTE: This article was originally published in 2016 ahead of the Environmental Connection conference.) Propex GeoSolutions is helping shine a light on turf reinforcement mat (TRM) product performance. In particular, the company is emphasizing high-performance TRM durability in demanding applications, such as high flow channels, slope stabilization, steep slopes, and levee protection.

The company is also raising the profile of Anchor Reinforced Vegetation Systems (ARVS) and their advantages.

It’s all part of a new information campaign, which is headed under the question “Are you sure?”

“One of the most common potential reasons for performance issues in all polymer-based geosynthetic material is the ability to resist degradation from ultraviolet (UV) radiation,” the company writes. “Applications using turf reinforcement and erosion control geotextiles are typically near or on the ground surface, with some level of exposure to sunlight.”Propex on TRM Durability and Performance against UV degradationHere, the company provides solutions such as PYRAMAT® and ARMORMAX®.
Propex has funded studies of industry materials (e.g., rolled erosion control products) to quantify functional longevity when exposed to UV radiation.

More about the “Are you sure?” campaign and documents related to TRM durability, product performance, and specification can be found at www.propexglobal.com.