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The GeoTalk Podcast Wants to Interview YOU

The GeoTalk podcast is back in production for its 2020 season! Hosted by Geosynthetica’s Taunya Allen and Chris Kelsey, GeoTalk covers innovation, design, technology,...
Upgrading a Marlborough Winery's Wastewater Treatment with Geosynthetics

Upgrading Wastewater Treatment at a Marlborough Winery

The upgrade of Delegat's Marlborough Winery wastewater treatment plant included a new 15 mega litre covered anaerobic lagoon for buffer storage of untreated winery wastewater, and a 15 mega litre uncovered storage lagoon for treated winery wastewater. Viking Containment performed the work. Read about it here.
Asphalt treated base from FHWA-HIF-16-005

The Design of Optimum Asphalt Content of Asphalt-Treated Bases

From the GAP 2019 transportation engineering conference: Danniel Rodriguez, Jose Garibay, and Soheil Nazarian from the Center for Transportation Infrastructure Systems (University of Texas...