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We have assembled one of the most experienced teams of technicians and employees in the industry. Our repair department is stocked with an extensive inventory of parts and accessories for all of the Demtech Services equipment and many of our competitor’s equipment as well. We have everything in place and are considered to have one of the “fastest repair turn-around times” in the industry.

Demtech’s “On the Move” Team Expands to Four Technicians

November 2013 – “Demtech On The Move” (www.demtech.com) is on the move, traveling all over the United States and Canada to offer on-site...

Demtech Opens Equipment Warehouse and Service Center in Ohio

Though Demtech Services, Inc. has well-established itself as an international manufacturer of and parts and service provider for geosynthetic installation equipment, its operations have...
Demtech Services

Demtech Services Launches New Website

Demtech Services, Inc. – Powered by Innovation – Demtech Services Inc. is excited to announce the launch of its totally re-designed website. The new...

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