I-CORP INTERNATIONAL is a completely independent international geosynthetic materials performance consulting and testing company. Dr Ian D. Peggs, President, is a materials scientist/engineer with over 25 years experience working with engineering plastics; welding, durability, stress cracking, nondestructive testing, microstructure, residual stress, leak surveys, failure analyses, and expert witness work. I-CORP has clients in over 40 countries. We help resolve materials performance problems.

Anaerobic digester failure on Geosynthetica

Was the Geosynthetics Risk Management Program Proposed Too Soon?

In 2003, Geosynthetica and Dr. Ian Peggs of I-CORP International began to agitate for the creation of an industry-wide movement on risk management in geosynthetic projects. The initial efforts...
Dipole Survey

Geomembrane CQA: When Should a Liner Integrity Survey Be Performed?

Geosynthetica has reached a major milestone: its 20th anniversary of delivering geosynthetics stories! In internet years, that’s a long, long time. The publication was founded by Dr. Ian D....

Story of a Photo: Geomembrane Integrity Survey from a Crane

While nosing around in Geosynthetica's archives, we happened upon an interesting photo (dated 2004) of Ian Peggs conducting a liner integrity survey while suspended from a crane. Though liner integrity surveys are common, the conditions in which they must be conducted vary wildly. We asked Dr. Peggs if he might offer a few notes about this particular situation. Here's what he shared with us. Read more.
Photo of whales (bubbles) in a geomembrane liner

Preventing HDPE Geomembrane Whales – A Primer

Following news that Ian Peggs, founder of Geosynthetica, is retiring from I-CORP International (though not retiring completely from geosynthetics), we thought we'd look back on some of his most...
Photo of Ian Peggs Receiving IGS Recognition

Geosynthetica Founder Ian Peggs Retires from I-CORP

After 40+ years of geosynthetic materials performance consulting work, Dr. Ian D. Peggs has made a strategic decision to close I-CORP INTERNATIONAL, Inc. for the foreseeable future and to...

Graphene and the Next Generation of Geosynthetics

By Ian D. Peggs – Geosynthetic materials and products continue their steady development, as additive packages and manufacturing technologies evolve. Today, however, is different. Today, we are truly on the...
Photo of a clean geomembrane installation with no wrinkles in the liner

SURVEY: Extra-Wide Geomembranes

I-CORP International’s Dr. Ian D. Peggs, P.E., P.Eng has shared a survey on extra-wide geomembranes. Your participation is invited. Responses are sought from manufacturers, distributors, installers, construction/contracting firms, design...

Geoelectric Liner Survey Equipment and Expertise in Australia

After performing geoelectric liner leak location and integrity surveys worldwide since about 1985 and teaching others how to do so since 2004, Dr. Ian D. Peggs, P.E., P.Eng. (I-CORP...
Slideshow of Whales - Geomembranes

A Primer for Preventing HDPE Geomembrane Whales

By Ian D. Peggs, Ph.D., P.E., P.Eng  – There continue to be failures of HDPE geomembrane lining systems in waste water treatment plant (WWTP) lagoons and farm manure ponds....

10 Geomembrane Questions

Questioning the practice of engineering has long been part of the geosynthetics field. It is this on-going dialogue and re-evaluation that leads to new manufacturing innovations, better CQA, more...

I-CORP Marks 25 Years of Geosynthetics Consulting

By Ian D. Peggs – On 21 March 2016, I-CORP will celebrate 25 years of geosynthetics consulting, with particular emphasis on geomembranes, pipes, and other engineered plastic...