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Thursday, September 28, 2023

PVDs for Soil Improvement: Projects in Egypt and Mexico

By Namrata Bichewar – Prefabricated vertical drains are geocomposite drainage materials with an inner core of polypropylene wrapped in a nonwoven geotextile filter fabric. TechFab’s TechDrain PVDs are jointless versions of...

REVIEW: Geosynthetics Middle East 2015

The 7th edition of the international conference and exhibition Geosynthetics Middle East 2015 (GeoME 2015) once again turned the capital of the United Arab Emirates—Abu Dhabi—into an international meeting...
Geosynthetics Middle East Awards

Awards Enhance Geosynthetics Middle East Status

The GeoME Awards were held at Geosynthetics Middle East 2015. While the event was the 7th in the annual series, it marked the first time for the GeoME...