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Saturday, September 18, 2021
IGS Barcelona Workshops

Barcelona Workshops Focus on Soil Reinforcement and Barrier Systems

The International Geosynthetics Society's Technical Committees on Soil Reinforcement (TC-R) and Barrier Systems (TC-B) will gather IGS members and affiliated geotechnical professionals in Barcelona 20 – 23 January 2020...
Geosynthetics Apps for iPhone and Android Smartphones

What’s Hot: Geosynthetics Virtual Conference 2021

The long-running Geosynthetics Conference from IFAI and the Geosynthetic Materials Association (GMA) was able to hold its event in person in 2020, with its early-year position. But in 2021,...

JPS Elastomerics Corp Appoints Peter A. Bond Director of Sales for Stevens Roofing Systems...

Stevens Roofing and Geomembranes is pleased to announce that Peter Bond has been elevated to the position of Director of Sales, Stevens Roofing Systems International and Stevens Geomembranes, divisions of the JPS Elastomerics Corp. In this new capacity, he will be responsible for developing the strategic direction and managing the daily sales activities internationally for Stevens Roofing Systems and worldwide for Stevens Geomembranes. Mr. Bond has held various positions within Stevens since 1998, primarily in the finance and credit departments. Peter lives in Northampton, Massachusetts with his wife and his three children. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Recreation Management from Springfield College, Springfield, Massachusetts. “Peter’s demonstrated track record at Stevens and diverse skill set will enable him to positively impact these critical segments of our business,” said Tom Vinci, President. Bond may be contacted at Nine Sullivan Road, Holyoke, Massachusetts 01040, USA, direct phone 1.413.552.1074, Toll free within the U.S. 1.800.621.7663 or via e-mail at pabond@stvroof.com

Webinar: Internal Stability Design of MSE Walls

For the geosynthetics community, the conversation around the Simplified Method vs. the Stiffness Method for internal stability design in mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls has been a vocal one....
Leadership image for 19th IGS Council

Geosynthetics Leadership: The 19th IGS Council

In June, the results of the International Geosynthetics Society (IGS) Council elections were announced. Since that announcement, the IGS Council has officially passed tasks and responsibilities from the 18th...

M25 Committee Meeting

On 14 June the M25 committee met during the AWWA conference and exhibition in San Francisco to discuss modifications of the manual on "Flexible-Membrane Covers and Linings for Potable-Water reservoirs"…
Wind Farm Image from Geosynthetica GeoWire

The GeoWire for the Week of July 13

Start the week with the latest in the geoengineering world. Here's the GeoWire conversation for the week of July 13. WORK SMARTER. BIG PROJECTS Europe's largest onshore wind farm is rapidly...
GCCM Installation Photo from GeoTree Solutions

Clockspring|NRI Brings GeoTree Legacy Brand Back to Infrastructure

In mid-2019, Clockspring|NRI acquired Milliken Infrastructure Solutions (MIS). Both companies had large portfolios with infrastructure repair-related technologies, such as pipe wrap and sleeves, epoxies, and geosynthetic cementitious composite mats...
Strata Geosynthetics Manufacturing Facility with GAI-LAP

Strata Earns GAI-LAP Accreditation at New Center in India

The Indian geosynthetics manufacturing industry has grown substantially in recent years, both for domestic projects and exports. Strata, which is well-known internationally for its reinforcement and load support geosynthetics,...

Underwriters Featured

The forthcoming issue of Land & Water will feature a generic article on canal lining geosynthetics. The article, "Smarter Infrastructures" by Chris Kelsey, offers a general introduction to types of liner materials.

ISGPEG 2020 Honors Dr. Erol Güler

The International Conference on Innovative Solutions for Geotechnical Problems 2020 will be held 11 – 12 June 2020 in Istanbul, Turkey—the birthplace of renowned geosynthetics researcher Erol Güler. You...

Conference Review

geosynthetica reviews the 2005 ASDSO Conference held in Orlando, Florida. The workshop: Geosynthetics in Dams presentations are also offered in full.

ESCN Update

Land and Water magazine’s Erosion and Sediment Control Network (ESCN.tv) weekly broadcast is available. Lead anchor Lucas Starbuck reports on the latest news impacting the erosion and sediment control field. This week's stories: Profile Products' new BioCover ADC; an interview with Laurie Honnigford on the QDOR program; QDOR Product Submission; a tour of ESCN's new website; and Jerry Fifield's Tip of the Week. Read more about it.
Roman Colosseum. Photo by Ijby Berg via Shutterstock license.

Reminder: 12 ICG Abstracts Due February 28

The extended abstracts call for the 12th International Conference on Geosynthetics (12 ICG) closes February 28! Be sure to submit your project, research, and application abstracts on time. 12 ICG...
HUESKER HaTelit asphalt reinforcement installation image

A Golden Anniversary for HaTelit Asphalt Reinforcement

Through high-level research, testing, and projects, the geosynthetics field is constantly building its durability record for materials and applications. HUESKER is marking another sort of durability anniversary: the success...

ESCN Update

A great deal is changing with Land and Water Magazine's Erosion and Sediment Control Network (ESCN.tv). The weekly broadcast is changing hosts, as Lucas Starbuck has replaced James Ridgway and Lindsay Winter has announced she's leaving to have a baby. This week's broadcast includes stories on the IECA / Wal-Mart partnership, Beth Chesson's cure for the muddy water blues, slope stabilization, and more. Read about the broadcast.

Event Review: Symposium Honoring the Research Achievements of Dr. Robert M. Koerner

A review of the events, people and papers surrounding the Symposium Honoring the Research Achievements of Dr. Robert M. Koerner on the weekend of September 12 and 13, 2004 .
solar farms installation photo for August 3 GeoWire

The GeoWire for the Week of August 3

Start the week with the latest in the geoengineering world. Here's the GeoWire conversation for the week of August 3. WORK SMARTER. BIG PROJECTS The 6.5-mile-long rainwater drainage tunnel in Hong...

VIDEO: What Makes Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCLs) Impervious

In a new monthly video series—Tech Talk—CETCO shares high-quality information on geosynthetics and affiliated engineering issues. The first video in the series has been posted to the company’s YouTube...

GAP 2019 – Connecting Three Transportation Disciplines

Three Major Transportation Disciplines, Three Co-Chairs Representing Diverse Infrastructure. Nearly three years ago, a discussion emerged around the geostructural aspects of pavements, railways, and airfields. Each of these unique disciplines...
Geosynthetics QA - Construction Site Image, Hardhats

The GeoWire for the Week of July 6

Start the week with the latest in the geoengineering world. Here's the GeoWire conversation for the week of July 6. WORK SMARTER. BIG PROJECTS The B1M compiles details on some of...
Image of calculator (partially out of frame) and a pen atop a financial sheet, the numbers of which are too grayed out to be read.

The GeoWire for the Week of August 31

Start the week with the latest in the geoengineering world. Here's the GeoWire conversation for the week of August 31. WORK SMARTER. ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT Whoa: Researchers in Sweden have discovered a...
Photo of Presto Geosystems ATRA® Key Connecting Device in Use

Presto Addresses Potential Patent Infringement of ATRA® Key

Oscar Wilde often gets credit for the phrase “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” though Wilde was merely building upon an aphorism popularized earlier in the 19th century...
coastal engineering with geotextile tubes, aerial photo by HUESKER

Advance Your Coastal Engineering and Water Quality Strategies at GeoU 2020

Geosynthetic materials are used extensively in coastal engineering and protection projects. The modern geotextiles industry, in fact, emerged in the late 1950s as the response of engineers to severe...

Conference Report

John Paulson reviews geosynthetica.net's Technology Showcase at the 2004 IRMI conference where the Geosynthetics Risk Management Program (GRMP) was introduced to the insurance industry.