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Geosynthetics in India

IGS India Ready for GeoAsia 6 in New Delhi

Nearly 20 years ago, the GeoAsia conference series kicked off with an International Geosynthetics Society (IGS) conference in Bangalore. The event was hosted by IGS India. In 2016, GeoAsia...
Image of Titan Environmental Fiberglass Geogrids; New Tack Film Coating Improves System Bonding

Tack Film Improves Bond between Fiberglass Geogrid and Asphalt

Last year, Titan Environmental released two fiberglass geogrid products, TE-FGP and TE-FGC, which is a geogrid-geotextile composite. The products were engineered with a  polymer coating to endure higher temperatures (up...
President Obama Signs WRRDA

President Obama Signs WRRDA into Law

US President Barack Obama signed the Water Resources Reform and Development Act (WRRDA) into law on Tuesday, June 10. This bill is significant for its lack of earmarks, its...

Dealing with Containment Project Delays: Free Webinar March 27

The spread of COVID-19 around the world is directly impacting geosynthetic containment projects. A number of project delays are being reported, either related to available personnel/materials or to temporary...
mining engineering and geosynthetics

Mining Engineering at GeoAmericas 2016

When GeoAmericas 2016 convenes in April in Miami, one of its cornerstone topics will be mining engineering. The scale of mines has increased dramatically in the past decade, which...
Layfield Distributes Presto Geoweb

Layfield Recognized as Top North American Dealer

Presto GeoSystems has recognized Layfield as its top North American distributor for 2013. Layfield promotes Presto's Geoweb® cellular confinement materials as part of its geosynthetics portfolio. Geoweb® is a patented product that reduces...

Geosynthetica Welcomes Kangaroo Plastics

Geosynthetica is proud to welcome Kangaroo Plastics as its newest silver member. Kangaroo Plastics, based in the United Arab Emirates, is a high-quality, well-established manufacturer of polymeric sheeting, such as geomembranes for tunnel lining, agriculture, canals, ponds, and much more. We welcome Kangaroo to Geosynthetica and look forward to publishing much more about the firm soon. Learn more about Kangaroo at the company's website. Learn more here.;
Ljubljana, Slovenia - Geosynthetics for Slope Stabilization Workshop - iShutterstock license

EuroGeo 6 Preview

EuroGeo 6 is nearly here! The quadrennial European Geosynthetics Conference, which was last convened in Spain (2012), will be held 25 - 28 September 2016 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Ljubljana...
Exports to 50+ Countries Drive Record Year for Concrete Canvas

Exports to 50+ Countries Drive Record Year for Concrete Canvas

In its latest financial results, Concrete Canvas Ltd has revealed another record year of growth for the South Wales-based manufacturer. Its international presence for its primary “concrete on a...
Geosynthetics for Waste Ash Landfill Closure - Agru

Geosynthetics for Waste Ash Landfill Closure – Two Projects

For a landfill closure project in Massachusetts, Covanta Energy put an end to constant slope repair with a stable, cost-effective, geosynthetic closure technology. By Agru America and...

The Tensar Corporation Acquires North American Green

Strategic partnership of two industry leaders to provide expanded product offerings and support to customers. Atlanta, GA – September 27, 2004 – The Tensar Corporation, the leading U.S. manufacturer of high performance polymeric products, announced the acquisition of North American Green, a premier provider of rolled erosion control products. The closing was finalized September 24…

StocExpo 2012

Each year the StocExpo conference and exhibition covers a variety of fundamental issues facing the storage tank farm and ports industry. The exhibition boasts a diverse range of products and services form the world’s top tank construction, automation, metering, engineering, valve, fire prevention, mixing, steel and vapour recovery companies among many other disciplines. StocExpo 2012 will be held 13-15 March 2012 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Learn more here.;

Patent Application: Sensor-Enabled Geosynthetic

Kianoosh Hatami and Brian Grady have applied for a patent regarding a "Sensor-Enabled Geosynthetic Material and Method of Making and Using the Same." Published 22 July 2010, and with application number 20100180691, the sensor-enabled geosynthetic material includes a polymeric material and an electrically conductive filler. Read more. Learn more here.;
NAUE Underwater Installation of Bentofix GCL

VIDEO: Underwater Installation of GCL for Flood Protection

By NAUE - The video "Dam Sealing with Bentofix® BZ 13-B" shows how Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCLs) allow ecological, economical and safe construction, including for underwater installation of a...
GeoPASS II Returns with a Strong Geotechnical Program – October 11

GeoPASS II Offers a Strong Geotechnical Program – October 11

Last year, Charlotte, North Carolina-based HUESKER hosted a high-level, invitation-only geosynthetics technical networking event called GeoPASS. The inaugural series delivered top-tier lectures and perspectives on diverse topics such as...

Emmbi Polyarns PAT Up 39%

Emmbi Polyarns Limited reported a robust growth in revenues and profit after tax for the year ended, March 31, 2010. The company saw an increase in net sales by an impressive 30.44% from Rs. 39.73 Cr to Rs. 51.83 Cr during the same period for the last fiscal. The profit after tax for the year ended 31 March 2010 stood at Rs. 1.76 Cr, resulting into an increase of 38.73%, as against Rs. 1.26 Cr in the corresponding period of the last fiscal.
Image of the river along downtown Austin, Texas, site of GeoU 2022

2021 Endeavors to Support in Geosynthetics

What will you and your organization support in 2021? We’ve got a few favorites in events and memberships that we hope you’ll take part in too. NOTE: This page...

The Value of Fabrication

Prefabricating geomembrane rolls provides a number of cost advantages for containment applications. Fabrication of panels prior to site delivery allows for the seaming work to be performed in the controlled environment of a facility rather than in the open, elements-exposed environment of a job site, where wind and dust challenge seaming integrity. Also, large panels can be deployed quickly for quicker installation (and normally with non-specialized labor). In-Line Plastics has 15 years of experience in custom fabrication and can assemble delivery-ready panels in excess of 200,000 SF. Fabricating 4,000 lb - 12,000 lb rolls is not an issue. If you have a flexible liner project, prefabrication may be the most economical, efficient solution. Learn more here.;

The Right BMP

The January/February issue of Soil Erosion & Hydroseeding asks readers to "Know Your BMP" (see article at the "continued" link below. geosynthetica.net's underwriters offer many BMP-approved erosion and sediment control solutions. See them on the Products and Services page, https://www.geosynthetica.net/ProductsServices.asp. Learn more here.;
Video Interview with Laura Clark of IECA


During the International Erosion Control Association (IECA) Region 1 annual conference and exhibition, Geosynthetica’s director Elizabeth Peggs sat down with Laura Clark, marketing manager for IECA. Clark comments on...
EcoLine brand image from HUESKER

EcoLine Delivers Durability in a Recycled PET Fiber Product

Welcome to a new Geosynthetica series on manufacturing and innovation! We begin with the first of a few looks at how geosynthetic companies are engineering greener products. HUESKER’s EcoLine...
CQA Week - QA/QC of Geosynthetic Installations

April Events: Geosynthetics CQA Training and Certification

CQA training and certification events during CQA Week highlight how important Construction Quality Assurance is to geosynthetics--and, by extension, to infrastructure sectors such as waste management and mining. CQA activities...
July 12 Geopipe Webinar for IGS North America

Pluimer to Lead July 12 Geopipe Webinar for IGS North America

The next IGS North America webinar will tackle one of the most necessary elements of modern infrastructure: geopipe. Dr. Michael Pluimer (University of Minnesota - Duluth) will lead the...

How Geomembranes Have Been Instrumental in Cleaning Up BP's Oily Mess

The largest marine oil spill accident ever is over--or is it? BP, the energy giant responsible for the blunder at the now infamous Macondo well, located off the coast of Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico, finally declared the troublesome well officially dead in September 2010. Numerous types of equipment and technologies have been deployed to aid in cleaning the affected Gulf region. Among them are various types of geomembranes. In more ways than one, geomembranes have been vital to curbing the environmental damage caused by the spill. The following information details the distinct applications of geomembrane products in the Gulf cleanup effort. Read more from Bill Shehane and Kim Seaman.
Photo of geocell in stormwater controls

Geosynthetics in Stormwater Controls and Hydraulic Engineering

The inaugural GeoU 2020 co-locates five high-level short courses. Four of the courses are concurrently held engineering classes and the fifth is a half-day marketing course for sales and...