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Tuesday, March 28, 2023
HUESKER Geotextile Encased Columns for Foundation Systems

VIDEOCAST: Geotextile Encased Columns

Geotextile encased columns (GECs) were developed to provide efficient foundations for embankments on weak subsoils. These columns, characterized by geotextile sleeves filled with noncohesive material, transmit loads through weak...
Solmax - Geosynthetics Market

PODCAST: The Push towards Reinvention in Geomembranes

Many infrastructure applications rely upon geosynthetic barriers. Over time, we’ve seen the specification of 40 or 60-mil black high-density polyethylene geomembranes become so common that black HDPE can feel...
George Koerner Delivering Quality Assurance Lecture for IGS Brasil

Quality Assurance & Control of Geosynthetics in Waste Systems

Dr. George Koerner, P.E. (Director, Geosynthetic Institute) has never shied away from big challenges in research and leadership in the geosynthetics field. The IGS Brasil Em Rede network, which...
ACE Geosynthetics, Geotextile Matresses Video

VIDEO: Geotextile Mattresses in Shoreline Protection

ACE Geosynthetics has uploaded a new video on the role of geotextile mattresses in scour protection. View it here and see more like it on the company's YouTube channel.
SWANApalooza Includes Geosynthetics Panel on Failure and Value

SWANApalooza Includes Geosynthetics Panel on Failure and Value

At the open of promotional video for the March 28 geosynthetics panel discussion on failure and project value, the narrator quotes renowned investor Warren Buffet: Price is what you...

The Importance of Packaging Systems in Geosynthetic Quality

Frequently, articles, brochures, podcasts, and other communications highlight the importance of various quality control and quality assurance steps in geosynthetics. These steps take place in the selection of raw...
video interview with Geo Products LLC

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Slope Stabilization with Geocells

Panama's coastal storms cause significant erosion issues. Punta Raton Beach exemplifies the challenges and how to overcome them. Limited space, steep and sandy slopes. Heavy rains and wind. In this...
NAUE Rockfall Protection Wall, France

VIDEO: Rockfall Protection Wall in Val d'Isère

Last year Geosynthetica profiled NAUE's rockfall protection wall design in Val d'Isère, a renowned winter sports region in Southeastern France. Now, the company has released video of the construction...
Photo of exposed geomembrane performance

PODCAST: George Koerner on Exposed Geomembrane Performance

Updated 10 August 2020: George Koerner, Director of the Geosynthetic Institute, had the honor in 2017 of delivering the first Koerner Lecture. The series is named in honor of...
Craig Benson on CETCO Tech Talk

VIDEO: Bentonite Swell Index Test and Hydraulic Conductivity

CETCO's Tech Talk video series shares high-quality information on geosynthetics and affiliated engineering issues. Here, and in less than three minutes, Dr. Craig Benson explains how a swell index...

Video Interview: Laura Felux, IECA

At the conclusion of Environmental Connection 2014 (Nashville, Tennessee), Geosynthetica’s Elizabeth Peggs sat down with Laura Felux, Marketing Manager of the International Erosion Control Association (IECA) Region One. Laura reports...
Solmax Geomembranes - Additive Packages, Resins, Performance

Additive Packages, Resins, and Geomembrane Performance

How do additive packages, resins, HPOIT and OIT testing, and other components and quality control measures to geomembranes affect material durability and performance? Solmax engineer Mathieu Cornellier led a...
Podcast - The Coming Wave of Biogeotechnical Engineering - CBBG

PODCAST: The Coming Wave of Biogeotechnical Engineering

Biogeotechnical engineering is adding enzymes, microbes, and much more to the engineer's toolbox Geosynthetics have achieved some remarkable levels of performance in infrastructure. They play a big role, but they...
Warren Hornsey of TRI Australasia

Warren Hornsey on Siamak’s Geosynthetics Podcast

Australia-based engineer Siamak Paulson (ADE Consulting Group Pty Ltd) has published the latest episode of his eponymously named podcast series: Siamak’s Geosynthetics Podcast. This time out, he checks in...

VIDEO: Subsoil Drainage Systems

On its YouTube channel, Geofabrics has published a video detailing the advantages of the Megaflo® subsoil drainage system. The rigid, high-flow velocity panel drain is utilized in improving roadway...
Video: Pambula Merimbula Uses Diamond Grid for Access Road

Video: Pambula Merimbula Uses Polymeric Mats for Access Road

Diamond Grid has published a video story on the installation of its polymeric mat system to create an access road for Pambula Merimbula Golf Course in Australia. At the open...

Concrete Protection Liners Prepare Vancouver’s Wastewater Infrastructure

By 2041, the City of Vancouver is expected to grow by another million residents to a total population of 3.4 million. The increased population will weigh heavily on the...
American Excelsior at 125 years

VIDEO INTERVIEW: American Excelsior at 125

This year marks a number of hallmark anniversaries in the geosynthetics and erosion control field, with industry organizations like the International Geosynthetics Society (IGS) celebrating 30 years and various...

Interview: Koerner on Lifetime Predictions for Geosynthetics

Dr. Russell Jones, President of the International Geosynthetics Society, sat down with the Geosynthetic Institute's Dr. Robert Koerner to discuss GSI's 12-year study on the long-term performance and aging...
Maccaferri Photo: A Geosynthetic Solution for Tehran Highway Wall

PODCAST: Zornberg on Differing MSE Design Frameworks

Mechanically stabilized earth walls have been the subject of the most read stories on Geosynthetica this year and a few of the most read stories in 2016 as well....
Kent von Maubeuge on Simaka Paulson's Geosynthetics Podcast

Siamak Paulson Checks in with Kent von Maubeuge

Australia-based engineer Siamak Paulson (ADE Consulting Group Pty Ltd) hosts a podcast on geosynthetics. In the latest episode, he interviews industry veteran Kent von Maubeuge (NAUE). Other episodes available...
NAUE Underwater Installation of Bentofix GCL

VIDEO: Underwater Installation of GCL for Flood Protection

By NAUE - The video "Dam Sealing with Bentofix® BZ 13-B" shows how Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCLs) allow ecological, economical and safe construction, including for underwater installation of a...
VIDEO: Performance of Geogrids in Track Ballast Applications

VIDEO: Performance of Geogrids in Track Ballast Applications

Tensar's "Keeping You in the Know" video series is a Q&A influenced campaign. Here in its third video, Stabilisation Systems expert Mike Horton (Tensar International Limited) tackles the question:...
Изобретатели бетонного полотна открыли первый в России демонстрационный парк Concrete Canvas

United Concrete Canvas Russia Opened a Demo Park

Though Concrete Canvas opened a unique demo park near Moscow in Russia in 2016, it wasn’t until mid-way through this year that the company officially announced it. The site,...
Chemicals image for PFAS story

Video: ACIGS and Bouazza on PFAS and Geosynthetics

The movement for greater open sharing of engineering technical information, particularly in geosynthetics, continues to grow. One of the champions has been the Australasian Chapter of the International Geosynthetics...