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CQA Solutions

VIDEO: CQA and Extrusion Separation of Geomembranes

CQA Solutions’ Glen Toepfer has made a name in the field through elevating construction quality assurance not just on site but in conference discussions and in publications. On Uncontained,...
Solmax Offers a Fix with Geomembrane Folds

Solmax Offers a Fix with Geomembrane Folds

Geosynthetics are used for a host of reasons, but economy, construction efficiency, and long-term performance (often linked to project economy) are frequently influential in the design and material...
GeoME 2015 Best Geosynthetics Project

Maccaferri Wins GeoME Best Geosynthetics Project

The 7th edition of Geosynthetics Middle East (GeoME 2015) wraps up today, November 17, in Abu Dhabi. The event has grown steadily and, in recent years, has even been...
SuDDS - Subsurface Drainage Design Software

Subsurface Drainage Design Software Assists Road Designs

Geofabrics Australasia has developed a web-based road design app focused on drainage performance and cost calculation. Subsurface Drainage Design Software (SuDDS) produces net cost and design comparative reports based...
Geosynthetic containers in mining

VIDEO: Geosynthetic Containers in Mining and Mineral Processing

A new video from TenCate profiles the utilization of geosynthetic containers in mining and mineral processing. TenCate Geotube® containers are being used in a large range of applications, such...
Megaflo from Geofabrics Australasia

VIDEO: Subsoil Drainage Systems

On its YouTube channel, Geofabrics Australasia has published a new video detailing the advantages of subsoil drainage systems, such as the Megaflo® system. The rigid, high-flow velocity panel drain...
ACE Geosynthetics, Geotextile Matresses Video

VIDEO: Geotextile Mattresses in Shoreline Protection

ACE Geosynthetics has uploaded a new video on the role of geotextile mattresses in scour protection. View it here and see more like it on the company's YouTube channel.
Sustainable Development

VIDEO: IGS Focuses on Sustainable Development

It debuted in Berlin during a special session at the 10th International Conference on Geosynthetics (10 ICG) late last September. Now, the International Geosynthetics Society (IGS) has started to...
ClosureTurf Video

VIDEO: A Profile of ClosureTurf™ at US Landfills

Beginning with an interview from the Potola Landfill in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains, a new video from Watershed Geosynthetics focuses on the innovative ClosureTurf™ barrier system. The system utilizes...
Terrafix Biaxial Geogrid Strength

VIDEO: Geogrid Strength and Confinement Demonstration

terrafix® has published a video of a "TBX Biaxial Geogrid Strength and Confinement Demonstration." It's a concise, visual demonstration of how and why geogrids are so effective at improving...
GeoTerra Construction Mats

VIDEO: Construction Mats for Haul Roads on Soft Soils

In this video from Presto Geosystems, Joe Karbon of the Manitowoc County Highway Department (Wisconsin) discusses the challenge of haul roads on soft soils and how construction mats are...
ACE Geosynthetics EcoPark

ACE Geosynthetics Adds Construction Videos to its EcoPark Website

The official website of the ACE Geosynthetics EcoPark has been online since October 2014. Users can explore the park virtually and learn about geosynthetics. Applications profiled on the website...
Ace Geosynthetics EcoPark

ACE Introduces an Online Geosynthetics EcoPark

The official website of the ACE Geosynthetics EcoPark is now online. Readers are able to explore the park virtually anytime and anywhere while gaining knowledge about geosynthetics. Geosynthetic products have...
President Obama Signs WRRDA

President Obama Signs WRRDA into Law

US President Barack Obama signed the Water Resources Reform and Development Act (WRRDA) into law on Tuesday, June 10. This bill is significant for its lack of earmarks, its...
Maccaferri Geosynthetics

New Maccaferri Video Profile

Maccaferri is one of the world's largest geosynthetics companies. With operations around the world and a string of acquisitions that have bolstered its presence and range of offerings, the...
NAUE Underwater Installation of Bentofix GCL

VIDEO: Underwater Installation of GCL for Flood Protection

By NAUE - The video "Dam Sealing with Bentofix® BZ 13-B" shows how Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCLs) allow ecological, economical and safe construction, including for underwater installation of a...

Video Interview: Laura Felux, IECA

At the conclusion of Environmental Connection 2014 (Nashville, Tennessee), Geosynthetica’s Elizabeth Peggs sat down with Laura Felux, Marketing Manager of the International Erosion Control Association (IECA) Region One. Laura reports...
Offshore Wind Farms

VÍDEO: Proteção Contra Erosão para Parques Eólicos Offshore

Em "Energia eólica offshore segura", o parque eólico offshore Amrumbank West exemplifica como geofôrmas de geotêxtil com areia (Secutex® Soft Rock) permitem a construção econômica, tecnicamente robusta e segura....
Presto Geosystems, GEOTERRA GTO Construction Mats

INTERVIEW: Lighter, Stronger, More Sustainable Construction Mats

Weak soils are common problems for access to oil and gas sites, wind warms, and staging areas for construction sites. In this interview with Geosynthetica’s Elizabeth Peggs, Presto Geosystems’...
ACE Geosynthetics

VIDEO: ACE Geosynthetics' International Projects

ACE Geosynthetics uploaded a video to YouTube (12 March 2014) showing its international utilization of geotextile tubes, its secondary containment system, and its geotextile-based, concrete-filled revetment and scour protection...

VIDEO: Stormwater Basin with Geosynthetic Clay Liner

HUESKER has published the English-language version of its application video "Sealing of a Stormwater Holding Basin with Tektoseal®". The video explains the sealing of a water reservoir via a project...

Video – Miller Weldmaster Geosynthetic Welding Equipment

Miller Weldmaster is a manufacturer and innovator of rotary hot air and hot wedge welding machines for the industrial fabric and thermoplastic industries. Specializing in geomembrane liner welding equipment,...

VIDEO: Scour Protection for Offshore Wind Farms

In "Secure offshore wind energy", the Amrumbank West offshore wind farm exemplifies how geotextile sand containers (Secutex® Soft Rock) enable economical, technically sound and safe construction. Here, NAUE's team...
Sustainability of Geosynthetics

VIDEO: IGS UK Sponsoring Sustainability Study with Loughborough University

During the International Geosynthetics Society's (IGS) quadrennial GeoAfrica event (November 2013, Ghana), Geosynthetica's Elizabeth Peggs sat down with Peter Assinder and Prof. Neil Dixon to discuss an important sustainability...
ADOT Landslide Report, Navajo Route 20

VIDEO: ADOT Uses Geogrid in Navajo Route 20 Work

The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) has an extensive video library that documents its work and the dedication of its personnel from around the state. In paving a 28-mile...

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