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Tuesday, March 28, 2023
Photo of large-scale erosion testing by TRI Environmental, which is researching pullout anchor testing

PODCAST: Pullout Anchor Testing in Erosion and Sediment Control

Jay Sprague of the South Carolina-based Denver Down Research Facility took on a private client’s pullout anchor testing questions with erosion and sediment control systems and components. The results...
Image of geogrid interaction flexibility in soil - HUESKER

Defining Interaction Flexibility for Geogrid-Reinforced Structures

By HUESKER – Key properties in effective geosynthetic reinforcement are adequate tensile stiffness and tensile strength coupled with good interaction behavior. The relatively new technical term interaction flexibility introduces...
Image: Effective Education for Improving Erosion/Sediment Control System Adoption

Effective Education for Erosion and Sediment Control System Adoption

Erosion and sediment control advances have produced enormously beneficial results, in infrastructure performance and economics; yet, rates of erosion and sediment control system adoption rates have lagged behind the...
Photo of low impact development engineering by LimnoTech

PODCAST: Leap Frog Ideas for Low Impact Development

How do we create a more water-centric infrastructure? That’s a question LimnoTech senior engineer Dr. Daniel Medina, P.E., D.WRE addresses in his work. Low impact development strategies are very...
Photo of soils for story on the geotechnical poetry of Mary Nodine

The Geotechnical Poetry of Mary Nodine

Geotechnical engineering requires a lot of waiting. You wait on calls, test results, the weather. You wait on a construction activity to finish, on software to complete extremely complex...
Images of Segmental Concrete Pavements from ICPI

PODCAST: Robert Bowers on Geosynthetics in Segmental Concrete Pavements

The Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute published its Tech Spec 22 this year. The document provides general guidelines on the use of geosynthetics within segmental concrete pavements. ICPI’s Director of...
GeoTalk podcast with Photo by NOAA of Russian River Valley Watershed Health

PODCAST: Craig Benson on Sedimentation, Dams, and Watershed Health

Geosynthetica opens its 2017 series of GeoTalk podcasts with a conversation about sedimentation, dams, and watershed health. Our guest is Craig Benson, an International Erosion Control Association Board Member...
VIDEO: Reduction Factors for Creep Rupture Behavior of Geosynthetics

VIDEO: Reduction Factor for Creep Rupture Behavior of Geosynthetics

In HUESKER’s May 2017 videocast, engineer Christoph Hessing discusses a highly important reduction factor that engineers must know to properly design with geosynthetics: creep rupture. This is essential to...

Strata India Videos Showcase Geocell Advantages

Strata Geosystems (India) has launched a series of videos to highlight geocell advantages. The company has helped considerably raise the profile of geocellular confinement systems in the fast-growing Indian...

Video: ILT Coal Ash Containment Installation at Reid Gardner

International Lining Technology began work on a coal ash containment project at the Reid Gardner Generating Station in late November 2016. The 557-MW plant sits on 480 acres near...
Video: Pambula Merimbula Uses Diamond Grid for Access Road

Video: Pambula Merimbula Uses Polymeric Mats for Access Road

Diamond Grid has published a video story on the installation of its polymeric mat system to create an access road for Pambula Merimbula Golf Course in Australia. At the open...
SWANApalooza Includes Geosynthetics Panel on Failure and Value

SWANApalooza Includes Geosynthetics Panel on Failure and Value

At the open of promotional video for the March 28 geosynthetics panel discussion on failure and project value, the narrator quotes renowned investor Warren Buffet: Price is what you...

TxDOT Videos Highlight Zornberg’s Geosynthetics Research

The 96th Transportation Research Board (TRB) conference has just wrapped up in Washington, DC. The event saw a record 14,000+ transportation engineers, policymakers, researchers, and other stakeholders attend the...
Project Video: GRS Structure for Major Greek Cultural Center

Project Video: GRS Structure for Major Greek Cultural Center

One of the world’s leading architects, Pritzker Prize-winning visionary Renzo Piano, has led the development of Greece’s newest cultural treasure: the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center. The site, which...
A Conductive Prime Finish for Spark Testing Geomembranes

Video: Conductive Geomembranes and Enhanced CQA

In November, Solmax provided the third of its high-level webinars on geomembranes with a session on “Enhancing Quality Assurance with Conductive Geomembranes.” The presentation is now available for free...
Project Video: High-flow Drainage Support for Athletic Facility

Project Video: Geosynthetic Drainage Support for Athletic Facility

Varicore Technologies documented the extensive drainage installation work its geocomposite materials were utilized in performed for the Annandale Regional Athletic Facility in Minnesota. The multi-sport site hosts a baseball...
Video Story: Waterway Restoration after Mining Activities

Video Story: Waterway Restoration after Mining Activities

The waters of the Schurenbach, a stream near Essen, Germany, formerly ran underground from the foot of an old coal slag heap (the Schurenbachhalde). As part of a land...

Project Video: Geosynthetic Tubes for Coastal Protection

This project video from HUESKER details a 1500m-long coastal protection installation of geosynthetic tubes along Lake Sedlitz in Germany’s Lusatian Lake District. The 1400 ha (3460 acre) lake is...
Solmax Cleans Up 150 Tons at an Illegal Dump

VIDEO STORY: Solmax Cleans Up 150 Tons at an Illegal Dump

International geosynthetics manufacturer Solmax has been undergoing a change in its identity from that of a commodity producer to a provider of value-added solutions. It hasn’t lost its focus...
CQA Solutions - Cable Ties and Geosynthetics

How Cable Ties Can Cost a Geosynthetics Project Millions

Construction quality assurance expert Glen Toepfer (CQA Solutions) takes on the topic of cable ties in his latest video post from his Uncontained blog. In the 3.5-minute video, he...
VIDEO: Performance of Geogrids in Track Ballast Applications

VIDEO: Performance of Geogrids in Track Ballast Applications

Tensar's "Keeping You in the Know" video series is a Q&A influenced campaign. Here in its third video, Stabilisation Systems expert Mike Horton (Tensar International Limited) tackles the question:...
Solmax Geomembranes - Additive Packages, Resins, Performance

Additive Packages, Resins, and Geomembrane Performance

How do additive packages, resins, HPOIT and OIT testing, and other components and quality control measures to geomembranes affect material durability and performance? Solmax engineer Mathieu Cornellier led a...
HUESKER Geotextile Encased Columns for Foundation Systems

VIDEOCAST: Geotextile Encased Columns

Geotextile encased columns (GECs) were developed to provide efficient foundations for embankments on weak subsoils. These columns, characterized by geotextile sleeves filled with noncohesive material, transmit loads through weak...
VIDEO: Barrier Rehabilitation for Pumped Storage Plant, Germany

VIDEO: Pumped Storage Plant Barrier Rehabilitation, Germany

The latest video from NAUE tells the story of the pumped storage plant barrier rehabilitation in Hohenwarte, Germany. The project provided an essential update a half-century-old site. Geosynthetic clay...
VIDEO: Road Building on Geosynthetics

VIDEO: Service Life Advantages of Road Building on Geosynthetics

In its latest animation, TenCate Geosynthetics profiles how road building with geosynthetics can extend service lives up to 10x. The 1 minute, 37 second video shows design with TenCate...